Commitment to the Environment

Sichuun and our team recognize we have a corporate and individual responsibility to the environment, and take pride in constantly seeking out opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint. Our goal is to continuously reduce our environmental impact and be a green leader in our local industry. These are just some of the ways Sichuun is embracing sustainability:

Clean and Efficient Energy

Sichuun uses 100% renewable energy in all buildings, but we are also conscientious of how we use it too. For example, we use LED lights in all our buildings, ENERGY STAR®-certified appliances in our kitchen, and energy efficiency is a major consideration in the selection of any products we use.

Waste Reduction

Waste may not be completely avoidable, but at Sichuun we do our best to minimize waste when and wherever possible and use safe and responsible waste disposal methods. This includes leveraging the recycling services provided by the Eco-Center whenever possible. Sichuun also follows a paperless office policy and provides a reusable water bottle and coffee thermos for each employee to prevent the use of plastic water bottles and disposable coffee cups.


Our employees are encouraged to leverage technology to improve efficiency, sustainability, and/or productivity wherever they see opportunities. After all, Sichuun’s reason for being is to deliver technology to the people and organizations of the region to improve everyone’s lives at work and at home!

Our Services

Sichun is very proud to offer services that enable institutions, companies and individuals to reduce their environmental footprint. Here are a few ways you can leverage Sichuun services to help do your part with environmental responsibility:

  • Video conferencing to enable virtual medical appointments, treatments and follow-ups
  • E-learning capabilities to ensure effective education for our youth
  • On-line court proceedings for more expedient resolution and simpler assignment of resources like judges and court staff
  • Virtual meetings, video and teleconferencing to avoid expensive travel for business, council and/or governmental affairs