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Home Internet / Voice / IPTV

Triple-Play - Unlimited
(internet, phone, and IPTV)

Ideal for large families making use of streaming, multiplayer gaming, video calls, and file sharing
  • Internet speed
    100 Mbps
  • Monthly data usage
    Unlimited (at max speed)
  • No yearly contract
  • 1 residential phone line
  • Canada-wide calling
  • IPTV



* One Set Top Box (STB) is required for each TV. Up to four STBs are supported per account. STBs are High Definition with built in PVR (Personal Video Recording) capabilities. STBs are $100 each and available at the Sichuun Operations Center.

Internet Residential Gateways (RGs- aka router) can be pre-configured and ready for use when installed. In cases where it is possible to self-install a Home Internet service, easy to follow instructions are provided and support is available from a Sichuun Customer Service Representative. Alternatively, customers may request a White Glove Installation for an additional charge. Once it is determined that the installation can be done safely, a Sichuun Technician will bring everything to the residence, complete the installation, and provide a demonstration of the service. TV Each STB is married to a specific Residential Gateway (RG) and CANNOT be used with any other RG. If it tries to connect to a different RG, it will lock itself and must be brought back to the Sichuun Operations Center to be unlocked.

If your household has issues using and maintaining your computers, Sichuun offers a number of services to help simplify your life and ease your mind, including:

  • Computer repairs, upgrades, regular maintenance
  • Software – specify, supply, install, update, remove, support
  • PC delivery and setup
  • PC & Software tutorials
  • Firewalls, Antivirus, malware, spyware
  • Password recovery & reset
  • Data recovery
  • Network installations
  • Parental controls, tools, monitoring – tutorial, setup, configuration

Sichuun can provide a number of customized Audio/Video services for your residence or business. These include but are not limited to:

  • Overall planning, design and equipment selection
  • Delivery to the building and set up
  • Providing training and tutorials on various features and operation
  • Custom wiring
  • Optimizing the overall audio / video experience

Sichuun offers a variety of power equipment to support your home needs*, including:

Trencher: Vermeer PTX44

  • 24” plough with 1.5” feed chute - Can direct bury up to 1” conduit or cable
  • 42” chain trencher - Can dig a 6” wide trench

Portable Winch: PCW3000-LI

  • Max pulling force:  2000 kg
  • Speed:  8-12 m/min
  • ~40 mins runtime on one battery
  • Uses:  Cable pulling, Hoisting (e.g. materials to rooftop), Log pulling, Vehicle Recovery, Off Roading, Dock removal, Hunting

Cable Locator: RadioDetection 7100 Cable Locator

  • Cable, Pipe and RF Marker Locator
  • Used to locate underground infrastructure before digging
  • No cost for locating of Sichuun fibre
  • Uses:  Telecom, Water & Pipeline, Power, Construction

Power Generator: Yamaha EF7200DE Generator

  • MAXIMUM AC OUTPUT: 7200 W / 60 A @ 120 V & 30 A @ 240 V
  • RATED AC OUTPUT (CONTINUOUS USE): 6000 W / 50 A @ 120 V & 25 A @ 240 V
  • Connections:
    • 2x  NEMA 5-15 (125V 15A)
    • 1x  NEMA L5-30 (125V 30A Twist Lock)
    • 1x  NEMA L14-30 (125/250V 25A Twist Lock)
  • Rated for home or commercial use
  • Electric Start
  • Dry weight: 225 lbs
  • Fuel tank capacity:  26 L of 87 octane gasoline
  • Runtime:  ~8 hrs
  • Noise Level:  74.5 dB

* Each rental requires a Sichuun provided operator for setup, operation and refueling.