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Sichuun TV Services Set Top Box (STBs)

  Sichuun TV Services are available to all Triple Play Standard and Triple Play Unlimited customers with the purchase of one of these TV Set Top Boxes, which are High Definition and have built in PVR (Personal Video Recording) and Wi-Fi capabilities.

  Note that one Set Top Box (STB) is required for each TV and up to four STB’s are supported per account.  Each STB is already configured and “married” to a specific Residential Gateway (RG) and will initialize and discover your network.  Important to note that it CANNOT be used with any other RG.  If it tries to connect to a different RG, it will lock itself and must be brought back to the Sichuun Operations Centre to be unlocked.

  We’re making the TV Set Top Box (STB) more affordable… for the month of December, it's now FREE with a minimum 12 month commitment to Fully Loaded, Tout Garnis or All Sports All the Time packages.

  Please call or visit the Sichun Ops Centre (96 Rue Atlantic, Schefferville / 418.585.8000) for more information or to pick up your STB today!

New Sichuun Elite Gaming PC Package

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X PC with 8-core/16-thread processor and all the trimmings- plus ASUS 49 inch UltraWide Curved Gaming Monitor- the ultimate in gaming perfection! Click here for more information.

New Sichuun Elite Gaming Kit

Gaming chair, headset, keyboard and mouse – everything the elite gamer needs to stay ahead of the competition! Click here for more information.