What Our Customers Say

Sichuun was created both for and with the support of the Schefferville, Matimekosh and Kawawachikamach regions, and community engagement is one of the core foundations of our organization. We love hearing from you and take your feedback very seriously; below are just a few examples of what our customers are saying about us!

“Well since I love to learn I can finally register to online courses without hesitation and without leaving the community thanks to Sichuun ”.Louise N.

“I have a big family, and with < another provider >, my bill was always high, with the coming holidays, everyone wants to watch their shows, it was always slow, so now everyone is so happy, unlimited made it easier with our big family, thx Sichuun“. Christina N.

“Service rapide pour moi et mes petits enfants regardent you tube”.Christina J.

“I am a very happy customer. I can do my online meetings, training and so much more with Sichuun. Thanks for the service!!”. Nancy S.

“Vidéos-coups de pouce”. Michel V.

“Sichuun give me the opportunity to have a fast internet and save a lot with 7 kids and 2 adult playing online. My cost is very low compared with the other internet provider and now I can do it with no over charge that makes my wallet happy....😜😜😜”. Patrick T.

“J’adore la vitesse de Sichuun lorsque je suis au téléphone et on me demande des renseignements important je suis capable de donner une réponse très rapidement pas besoin d’attendre 1-2 minutes ça se fait en un clic. Même si plusieurs personne sont connecté au même réseau et nous aimons écouter Netflix YouTube et bien sûre le gaming de mon enfants cela nous permet tous de le faire en même temps merci!” Patricia M.

“I love Sichuun! I can finally FaceTime with my family down south and they can see my baby without cutting or being slow/blurry !! Good to have a reliable connection !”. Claudine F.

“I love Sichuun, I was glad to get rid of < another provider > when i first signed up for it. I always paid monthly and don't plan on cancelling Sichuun. And when the IPTV was announced I signed up for it and closed my < another provider >. I now only have Sichuun as my bill. Plus for the phone service and long distance unlimited calling makes it that much better. I didn't have long distance with < another provider > because it cost a lot more. I cancelled that too. Thank you Sichuun for great services”. Roméo T.

“I started saving from < another provider > services. I had two and I canceled one already. I changed my < another provider > tv programming to the cheapest one so saving there also”. Edward S.

“Fini le câble, le téléphone, < another provider > juste une facture à payer par mois”. Maxence M.

“My family can now enjoy movies, online gaming & connecting with family & friends. Thanks to Sichuun for all this”. Naomi E.

“I am very happy with Sichuun! Love it! I am able to facetime, upload faster, and Netflix !!”. Annie N.

“Saving a lot with Sichuun . Used to spend a lot on < another provider > even up to 1000$ for 1 month,when we went over data and what’s also great is sichuun is unlimited”. Stephanie C.

“Same good price every month for everything (phone internet tv) makes my bills easier”. Amanda M.

“I could finally catch up on all of my shows that I wanted to watch on Netflix. And it’s great because when we got the free trial first, holidays were coming up so that meant YouTube for my nephew Logan and he got to enjoy his shows and also Netflix too like me. Louise could finally watch all the videos on Facebook without worrying about how much data we are using. So that’s also the great thing about sichuun, you don’t have to worry about how much you’re using without paying extra. So you save a lot of $$ so thank you sichuun and ps I want a mask that says Sichuun”. Vanessa M.

“Love the service and the speed of the internet. No more waiting to download for my babies shows and movies. Sichuun is the best”. Aaron E.

“It made my life better,, to research some stuff much faster, to be aware of community posting and outside events that may involve or concern our population wellbeing,, to boost our knowledge about how technology about the way it works and to learn about the current events.. and to connect us to others”. Peter G.

“Saved a lot with sichuun and since we changed from < another provider > we even save more so thanks again Sichuun”. K. D.

“Unlimited services have made my son happy with his gaming and my daughter with tiktok, fast downloads”. Catherine E.

“Thank you Sichuun for the service 😊”. Ruby N.

“I like the service and the speed of the internet without worrying my bills going up & with home phone too. Thank you Sichuun”. Shuni A.

“Well I’m happy to be connected to family and friends who live out of town, before we could never FaceTime....so thank you Sichuun ❤️”. Stella P.

“Really loving Sichuun, everyone is connected saving a lot since I disconnected satellite TV, phone and internet, no more worrying about gb usage 😁”. Martha-Joanne E.

“Gotta love sichuun for gaming, it's a life changer”. Alexandre C.

“Well no more waiting for websites to load and less congestion”. Barry E.

“Unlimited, the best”! Minnie C.

“Amazing fast”. Jimmy U.

“Love the service we get from Sichuun”. Raquel B.

“Love the service my kids are not annoying anymore 😆 ❤️”. Sheila Q.

“Fast service, wow”. Jimmy U.

“My kids love gaming and watching YouTube. It helped me with my online courses. Love to download and watch movies on Netflix. We love Sichuun!”. Alicia T.

“Since we were only able to use Sichuun for a couple of weeks when we returned home from our studies. I found it is fast enough to do your studies using zoom meetings”. Jimmy S.

“I love the service and the speed of the internet without worrying about my bills going up & with my home phone too”. Thank you Sichuun. Wanda O.